If you know of any individual or business in Mérida that commits acts that go against the State Law or the Reglamento para la Protección de la Fauna Municipal, such as:

• Acts of cruelty agianst any animal (murder, lesions, mutilations, abandonement, caged or permanently restrained with a chain, lack of veterinary assistance, water food or a safe place to hide form the sun and raind o excesive work in thecase of horses and donkeys).

• Not picking up the dog poop.

• Breed or sell of animals without the proper permits.

• Sell animals without the proper permits and to people under age.

• Give away animals in raffles or events.

• Animal fights.

File you complaint at:

La Secretaría de Desarrollo Urbano y Medio Ambiente del Gobierno del Estado de Yucatán
Calle 64 No. 437 x 53 y 47-A, Col. Centro, Mérida, Yucatán
Lunes a Viernes 8 am - 3 pm.
Página web de SEDUMA


What you need to file the complaint:

• Detailed description of the facts.

• Complete address of the place where the facts took place.

• Name or detailed description of the person or business that commited the animal abuse.

• Photos or video available.

• Witnesses names if any.

*** It is very important to keep track of your complaint.

*The complaint will be treated with absolute confidentiality and you can remain ANONIMOUS.


The sanctions are:

• Warning

• Fine of $637.70 to $3’188,500.00 pesos

• Temporary or definitive requisition

• Administrative arrest