If you know of any individual or business in Mérida that commits acts that go against the State Law or the Reglamento para la Protección de la Fauna Municipal, such as:

• Acts of cruelty agianst any animal (murder, lesions, mutilations, abandonement, caged or permanently restrained with a chain, lack of veterinary assistance, water food or a safe place to hide form the sun and raind o excesive work in thecase of horses and donkeys).

• Not picking up the dog poop.

• Breed or sell of animals without the proper permits.

• Sell animals without the proper permits and to people under age.

• Give away animals in raffles or events.

• Exhibit of hurt animals or any animal for more than 12 hours.

• Animal fights (except cock fights).

• Use of horses to pull earth bags.

• Fairs and any spectacle that uses animals without the proper permits.

File your complaint at:

Los Jueces Calificadores en la Dirección de la Policía Municipal

Calle 57 No.459 x 52 y 54 Centro, Mérida, Yuc.

Lunes a Domingo 8 am - 6 pm.

What you need to file a complaint:

• Writen complaint* (Download the format HERE), containing the following:

• Name and Address so you can be notified of the resolution of the complaint.

• Phone number in case they need to contact you.

• Detailed description of the facts.

• Detailed description of the place where the facts took place.

• Name or detailed description of the person or business that commited the animal abuse.

• Any photos or video that you may have.

• Names of witnesses if any.

• In cases where the life of the animal is in grave danger ask for an EMERGENCY ORDER "ORDEN DE EMERGENCIA", the animal will then be transfered to the Centro Municipal de Control Animal or to an anmal pritection shelter if you ask for it. The animal will stay there until the complaint reaches a resolution.

*The complaint will be treated with absolute confidentiality and you can remain ANONIMOUS.

In the case of horses being used to pull carts full of earth bags:

• Ask for the support of the State Police at Tel. 066 or Telcel toll free 113.

• Call the Jueces Calificadores at Tel. 9420000 Ext. 83049, asking them to senf an inspector from the Subdirección de Ecología so that the legal temporary requisition can take place..

• If the horse shows signs of animal abuse, fill the above mentioned complaint.

***It is very important to keep track of your complaint.

The sanctions are:

• Warning

• Fine of $637.70 to $3’188,500.00 pesos

• Temporary or definitive requisition

• Administrative arrest